Get on the road to your personal financial freedom

Do you want the financial freedom to achieve your goals and pursue your dreams?

Do you want to learn how to maximise your money?

Do you want to take control of your financial future?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this exclusive course, brimming with valuable content, is for you.  It is designed to get you on the road to Personal Financial Freedom.

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“It was like someone switching a light bulb on in my head.  You have seriously changed my financial future.” Justine Knight, London.

Based on over 18 years of experience, I present 21 online video lessons that cover the following:

  1. How to align your money with your personal values
  2. Money habits of the rich
  3. Inflation – Overcoming the money thief
  4. The miracle of compound interest
  5. The burden of compound interest
  6. Opportunity cost – how do you choose?
  7. The give-get principle
  8. Money Makers versus Money Drainers
  9. Setting and achieving financial goals
  10. How much should you save?
  11. Budgeting basics
  12. Budgeting rules of thumb
  13. Cost cutters and income boosters
  14. Let’s budget (a step-by-step budgeting tutorial using the Excel template provided)
  15. Debt – the good, the bad and the ugly
  16. Ditching debt:  steps 1 – 4
  17. Demystifying your escape fund (pensions)
  18. Making the most of your cash investments
  19. Doubling your money with the rule of 72
  20. The essential checklist in your 20’s – 30’s and 40’s – 50s
  21. Money is just a tool


No more poor financial decisions!

Money’s tight, right? If £75 sounds pricey, then please understand that the investment you make today in your personal finance training WILL PAY YOU BACK manifold within a year. You will stop falling into modern-day money traps and you will be in control of money – it will no longer control you! This course can truly change the way you live your life and open the doors to long-put-off hopes and dreams once again. That is surely priceless.

What you can expect

Liz Lugt presenting Your Roadmap To Financial FreedomUsing this online course you can structure your learning to suit your availability and implement actions as you go along. There are 21 lessons, each comprising a video and an application section which you can complete in the downloadable workbook. There is also an excel budget template with step-by-step instructions on how to use it.  You will have access online for a full year, so if you find yourself slipping off the bandwagon (as we ALL do from time to time), you can quickly plug in again to refresh and re-motivate yourself towards your goals.

About me

My passion is to help more people reach their potential and become a master of their finances. I don’t just talk the talk, both my husband and I truly live out the personal finance principles that I teach.  This has enabled me to give up a well-paying career as a Chartered Accountant to spend time with my three children while pursuing my passion.

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